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Season to season trends come and go, but in life, there are a few style non-negotiables that every woman needs:

Luggage: Perfect for business trips, romantic weekends away and sojourns across the sea, there’s nothing that will serve you better than a great bag.


A power suit: Knowing what works for your body, and investing in that is the chic-woman’s best secret. Pared back with denim or worn as a suit, a made-for-you tux blazer, tailored trousers or wide legged pant will serve you from an interview to a sports game, in style.



The no-make-up-make-up look: It’s true, you’re never fully dressed without a smile – but that doesn’t have to be a bold red or burgundy. Every woman should learn how to nail her nudes – be it a barely there tinted moisturiser, a dewy highlight or kissable lip, nothing says effortless style and ultimate confidence quite like nude.

Enter, Lano Lips Perfect Nude Tinted Balm.

A universally flattering nude, this little tube of goodness will take you from work to the weekend, and day into night with ease.

Perfect Nude, the enduring shade that’s just that – perfect!


How to Nail Your Nude.

+ Apply to lips as needed

+ Add to the eyes as a gloss

+ Dab on the apples of the cheeks for a kiss of colour

+ Sweep across the cheek bone for a sweet, dewy highlight

+ Comb a small amount through the brows for effortless definition

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The ultimate guide to the Lo-Fi Lano mani


(a) Are a slave to shellac with scarily, sheet-thin nails.

(b) The girl that smudges her polish straight after leaving the salon.

(c) Suffer the inevitable day-2 chip just before a big meeting/date/wedding etc.

(d) All of the above.


Don’t worry, we’re a ’D’ too, and we feel your eternal mani/pedi pain. However that’s not to say you can throw your clippers to the wind and forget this essential grooming step altogether. It’s simply time to put down the polish and give your nails a Lo-Fi beauty look that lasts.

Enter Lano Lemon Hand Cream Intense. A rich and reviving hand treatment, this super-star works quickly to naturally restore hands and nails to optimal health. The unique molecular structure of triple lanolin resembles and mimics the skin’s own lipids, so as the soothing, silky veil lingers on the skin it also sinks in for a continuous moisture infusion.


The Lo-Fi Lano Mani:

Treat yourself to a simple soak, shape and buff, followed by a renewing hand massage with Lano’s Lemon Hand Cream Intense.

Warm the balm between your palms, massage into nail beds, cuticles and skin and allow the veil to absorb. Use as often as required, especially after washing hands and before bed.

Key benefits: Rich – Gentle – Nourishing

Key ingredients: Triple Lanolin – Natures Wonder Moisturiser™ + Milk Blend

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SERIES: 5 Step Lo-Fi Beauty Routine with Eleanor Pendleton

Pared-back beauty and lo-fi routines are kind of our jam. From multi-use products and barely-there makeup, to dewy skin and natural ingredients, Lano is the lo-fi life. 

In this new series we want to inspire you to up your laid-back game. We will chat to pared-back, globe-trotting, beauty lovers and uncover their 5 everyday, desert island, must-have products. 

Hint, they all swear by Lano too. 

To launch our very first Lo-Fi Beauty series we wanted to speak to one of Australia’s leading authorities on all things beauty, style and skin – Eleanor Pendleton, Editor and Publisher of Australia’s leading beauty website and digital magazine Gritty Pretty.


Gritty Pretty is a website dedicated to beauty. It is for the woman who is confident and assertive in her own style but wants to learn more about beauty trends, techniques, products and innovations.

As a team of avid beauty-addicts, GP is gospel, so we think it’s only fitting we spoke to Eleanor for the lo-down on lo-fi skin.


Here’s her top 5:


Step 1: Apply SK-II Facial Treatment Essence onto clean skin.

Step 2: Apply serum, moisturiser and follow with SPF.

Step 3: Mix a pea-sized amount of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal with tinted moisturiser.

Step 4: Apply Lano Lips 101 Ointment onto a spoolie brush and comb through brows.

Step 5: Apply Lano Lips 101 Ointment Fruities in Peach onto lips.


Speaking of our Award Wining 101 Multipurpose Superbalm, did you know that we are now available on the Gritty Pretty online store?

Go get ‘em girls.


Keep it lo-fi, keep it Lano.

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